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Viva Elvis – The Album Gets Six Stars on

Oct 18, 2010

Doug Morrissey of Staff reviewed “Viva Elvis – The Album.” Giving the album a rating of six stars, Morrissey was very happy to share his memories that tie to the release.

Inside the review, Morrissey shared:

“Umm excuse sir”, the stranger said in a smooth deep southern voice. “Any chance you might have change for a dollar?” I looked at him. He was wearing dark sunglasses, had his jet black hair beautifully quaffed, and was wearing a blue and white sequenced jump suit that had a red silk scarf around the collar. I was frozen in my tracks. “I…I think I do”, I stammered as I thrust my hand quickly into my pocket to search for change. As I searched through my pockets for enough change I kept staring at this stranger. “It couldn’t be him”, I said to myself. Finally, after searching every pocket I had, I was able to produce the requested change for the stranger. He looked at me and his lip went slightly higher on the right side and he said in a very familiar voice, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

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