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Time Magazine Features ‘Young Man With The Big Beat’

Sep 27, 2011

Time Magazine has published some of the exclusive images that you’ll find in Elvis Presley’s new box set, “Young Man With The Big Beat,” which hits stores today. An excerpt:

In the mid-1950s, the post-war Eisenhower era of social conformity in America was at its peak, and musically, the most threatening image appeared to be Bill Haley’s kiss-curl as he sang “Rock Around The Clock.” That all changed on Jan. 28, 1956, when a raw and electric Elvis Presley made his breakthrough on the CBS program Stage Show. Presley’s good looks, sensuous moves and mesmerizing voice made him a sensation overnight. But it wasn’t until a third appearance on the show that Presley truly challenged the status quo. On Feb. 11, the singer performed “Heartbreak Hotel” and by April, the single would be #1 on the Billboard chart. At last, teenagers had music of their own to swoon over while their parents continued listening to Frank Sinatra and Mario Lanza.

Presley would continue that momentum throughout 1956, a pivotal year that is the subject of a new box set collection on the musician. Young Man With the Big Beat, released by Sony Legacy on Sept. 27, features five discs of audio and a booklet of rare images, interviews and day-to-day chronology of Presley’s breakthrough year.

Check it out at! You can order “Young Man With The Big Beat” at

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