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The Complete Elvis Presley Masters Photo of the Week – Aug 31

Aug 31, 2010

From page 130 of the book contained in The Complete Elvis Presley Masters. There are many iconic images of Elvis, but few that look as timeless as him in the leather outfit he wore for the 1968 NBC-TV special Elvis. Considered a “has-been” by music critics and even some disenfranchised fans, he had a great deal to prove. The result was electrifying as Elvis went back to basics and created, in tandem with producer Steve Binder, the most significant comeback by any artist in popular music. Set free from the chains of Hollywood, Elvis returned to the stage and sang as if his life depended on it. Elvis also signalled to the world that he was not just reliving great moments of the past, but insisting on making a contemporary statement by finishing the show with the socially conscious plea for peace “If I Can Dream.”

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