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Released:Feb. 25, 1969

True to the usual eccentricities of promotional coordination between Colonel Parker and RCA, a second track was pulled from the television soundtrack, along with the title song of the upcoming movie. “Memories” was an effectively sentimental number by Mac Davis and Billy Strange, one that would be identified with Elvis for the rest of his career, but it did not prove to be a successful commercial entry in the new marketplace, and the question still hovered: Where would Elvis go next?

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  • Memories

    Billy Strange/Mac Davis. Recorded June 23, 1968 at Western Recorders, Hollywood. Guitar: Tommy Tedesco, Mike Deasy, Al Casey. Bass: Charles Berghofer. Bass & Keyboards: Larry Knechtel. Piano: Don Randi. Drums: Hal Blaine. Percussion: John Cyr, Elliot Franks, Frank DeVito. Harmonica: Tommy Morgan. Vocals: The Blossoms Orchestra conducted by Billy Goldenberg.
  • Charro

    Mac Davis/Billy Strange. Recorded for the motion picture Charro. Recorded October 15, 1968 at Samuel Goldwyn Studio, Hollywood. Guitar: Tommy Tedesco, Ralph Grasso, Howard Roberts. Bass: Raymond Brown, Max Bennett. Drums: Carl O'Brian. Precussion: Emil Radocchia. Piano: Don Randi. OVERDUBS, Vocals: Sue Allen, Allan Capps, Loren Faper, Ronald Hicklin, Ian Freebairn Smith, Sally Stevens, Robert Zwirn

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