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Elvis Presley In Country Weekly

Jan 23, 2015

Elvis Presley in Country Weekly

Elvis Presley was recently featured in the January 19 issue of Country Weekly, which talked with Elvis collaborators Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys and T.G. Sheppard about Elvis’ legacy and influence. They also offered their thoughts on what the King might be up to in the contemporary world. Here is an excerpt:

“I remember the first time I met him. The group was in Minneapolis at a rehearsal. … The door opens and here comes Elvis with his entourage. I’ll never forget the experience. When I saw him, I just went, ‘Wow!’ because he had this incredible magnetism and charisma. He enveloped the whole room. I just thought to myself, ‘I now realize why this guy is the biggest star in the world,’ and he was at that time. He’d probably still be pretty cool today … he would not have lost that charisma. He would be very distinguished-looking, maybe like a Cary Grant or someone like that.” – Richard Sterban

“I loved those quiet moments when we would just talk about everything. He was a very in-depth person, a lot smarter than people gave him credit for. … [People] were always amazed that he was very well-read. … I really think that he would have kept up with contemporary music and that would have helped him stay viable.” – T.G. Sheppard

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