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Elvis Presley 10″ Vinyl To Be Released For Record Store Day

Mar 11, 2015

Musician Jack White will release “My Happiness” and “That’s Where Your Heartaches Begin,” recorded by an 18-year-old Elvis Presley in Memphis in 1953. Third Man Records, White’s label, will release the recording on April 18, Record Store Day, as a 10-inch, 78-r.p.m. facsimile. Billboard reports that White was the anonymous bidder who bought the recording at a Graceland auction in January. Third Man Records said:

“From reproducing the typewritten labels (printed on the reverse of extra Prisonaires labels that happened to be laying around Sun Records in July 1953) to being packaged in a plain, nondescript, of-the-era sleeve, the utmost attention to detail has been paid in order to create an object so close to the historic original as to almost be indistinguishable from one other.

Later this year, Third Man will release a widely available 7-inch 45rpm featuring newly restored versions of the two songs. Working from a transfer done by industry expert Alan Stoker at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the audio will be as clean as modern technology can make it without losing the feeling and soul that makes these two songs both haunting and breath-taking. Listen to a clip of “My Happiness” and get a glimpse of this spinning piece of American musical history in this video:

To find local stores participating in Record Store Day, please visit:

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