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The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists Tour

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists Tour
In celebration of the King of Rock ‘n’ roll’s 75th birthday in 2010, On Stage Touring, LLC, in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, has launched the first-ever Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists Tour. The 26-city nationwide tour kicks off in January 2010.
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He was a real legend and an icon.I was born listening to his good music. He was admired not only because he has a good voice but he got the looks as well. I'm glad he was always remembered and I'm so happy knowing many artist pays a tribute to him. He will always be remembered and always be appreciated in all ways. Anyway, here's another interesting news and updates. You know, if NBC are cynical and disloyal enough to shaft an institution like The Tonight Show in favor of that chin with bad jokes (Jay Leno), then they don't deserve to hang on to Conan O'Brien. Remember – he had some very successful tenures with Saturday Night Live, the Simpsons, and the Harvard Lampoon. (You do have to go to Harvard to write for the Harvard Lampoon.) It's not like he's going to need payday loans anytime soon. If he's going to get a figurative cactus from a network he's been so loyal to, why not jump ship and go where his talent would be appreciated?