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Re: Enter for your chance to win a trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2010!

I have been an Elvis fan all my Life you all heard the stories bought the records yes lps, 45's watched the movies over and over again My favorite is Blue Hawaii in fact my wedding song was the Hawaiian Wedding song from the movie. While i was in Junior High School a girl knew I love Elvis so bad she had 3 tickets to see him at the nassau Colisium I was not a close friend of hers but she asked me would I like to buy a ticket from her to see him in person I said oh my god yes the seats were in row 28 on the floor and I missed going up to the stage by 1 row but I didn't care I got to see him sing in person. Then my next time would have been the year he died my boyfriend(who later became my husband) stood in line for hours in the rain to buy 2 tickets for us I was
so excited when he came home and gave me them. When i heard the news of his death that morning I cried my eyes out my room was filled with pictures and posters of him i called my boyfriend and said we are not going to the concert he said are you kidding I stood in line for hours I said its not that I don't want to go Elvis died he was in shock as I was. My husband and I are not together anymore but every Sept 9th I play the wedding song sung by Elvis and all his cds are in my car. I have always wanted to go to Memphis to visit his grave but have not been able too its one thing I have on my Bucket List lol. So if I do win I would be thrilled beyond words.

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ive always wanted to see elvis ever since i was a little girl now i am 49 yrs old and i never got to go to his concerts or to graceland cause my parents never had money for me to go they had 7 kids i love him so so much i listen to his songs every day and i watch all of his movies over and over i trueley be blessed if i get to see elvis mansion and graceland