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My Experience growing up with Elvis was mom listening to his tunes on the old turntable and dancing around the living room. Ever since then I go to Elvis Conventions, Concerts where local tribute artists are honoring him with his music. In 2007 mom passed away at 91 she had me at 42 years old. For her funeral service I hired or should I say asked if someone I know, that is local Tribute to Elvis performer if he would attend her funeral and do Love Me Tender accapella by himself as they ended the service and the men carried her out of the funeral home into the hearse. This is the year we had planned to go to Graceland 2007 together as she had been one year to the candle light service of Elvis passing with my niece. Mom said it was moving like something she had never experienced before. My mom was and will always be my guardian angel. It was her wish to take us there. It just never was enough time as her moments slipped away with the type of liver cancer she had. To all LOVE ME TENDER


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