Re: Enter for your chance to win a trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2010!

I have always been a huge fan through jr high to high school and here I am 51 years old and I still am a bid fan, Listening to his music and dancing along with his movies. I have a friend from Highschool wiich was about 34 years ago who has always made plans and , friends always backed out on her at the last minute I would love to surprise her and take her to fufill her dream. I may not have much time left to do this for her and it means alot for me too. I am a person living with HIV and due to my medications and hospital bills....well saving is hard, We still cry on the annivesary of your death, yes I am talking to Elvis the king himself, cuz for me he is still here and when i go up to the pearly gates he will sing me through with my favorite song "Girl Happy and Viva Las Vegas" my favorite movies and songs. Someone please help me and my friend Liz win this trip, so we don't have to hitchhike there. Thats what we said we would do,,,don't matter even if I am sick, She wants to go and I'll do what I have to to get her there, this will not be the 4th time someone lets her down.
Thank you Sirius for doing this and more importantly...thankyou ELVIS
God Bless ya'll
Roger F. Solar
(210) 849-2210


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