Re: Enter for your chance to win a trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2010!

I remember what I was doing the day I heard Elvis had passed away. I was 16 and had just returned home from the job I had for that summer. I was sitting down to eat by myself because the rest of my family had already eaten. I turned the radio on and the radio announcer came on and told of the death of Elvis I was so shaken I ran downstairs to the rec room to tell my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters of which their was 8 of us. They didnt believe me they laughed at which I promptly burst into tears and told them again and to please come up to the kitchen to listen. My dad turned the tv station to the news and we were all very upset to hear the news repeated on the tv. I may have only been 16 but my family and I spent many saturdays watching Elvis movies, and we had all watched what ever of his shows were shown via satalite. I would love the chance to go to graceland and see his home and the birth of the Elvis Presley leagacy. What a wonderful experience that would be!!!!

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