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I went to Graceland years ago. I would dearly love to go again, before I die.
Thank you. Mildred Brand

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Elvis Sweepstakes

Our Daughter and Son-in-law took us to Memphis and Graceland a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful experience that I had always wanted to get to enjoy.I and my husband as well as our kids have Loved everything about Elvis for as long as we were can remember.the visit we had at Graceland was so breif that we would love to go one more time to really let everything sink in. We are 65 and 63 years old. If we could win the trip in the Sweepstakes we both would be most thankful and very happy.There has never been or will ever be any person to compare to Elvis Presley.We still buy all the CD's we can and play the all the time. I would rather hear his songs (voice) all the time rather then any one else. Thank You for the chance to let everyone know what our feelings are about Elvis. I will always regret not getting to see him in person.
Carolyn,in Missouri

Elvis Always

I started listening to Elvis over the radio when he was on the Louisianna Hayride! He was awesome then and is still awesome. My teen years were the fifties and Elvis was my idol. He is still my favorite singer and always will be!