Enter for your chance to win a trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2010! | The Official Elvis Presley Site

Enter for your chance to win a trip to Memphis for Elvis Week 2010!

SIRIUS|XM Elvis Radio is giving you a chance to win the ultimate Elvis experience – a trip for two to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee for Elvis Week 2010! This is the crown jewel Elvis event during the year long 75th celebration of his birth. SPONSORED BY SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.

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my mom and i havent been on any type of vacation in 10 years. man this would be a dream come true for both her and i. she's been an elvis fan since he started making music, and ive been a fan since i was born. i wanted to marry elvis when i was young and then when i was old enough to understand my parents told me he was dead and i cryed my eyes out asking who id marry when i grew up if he wasnt around. i missed almost two weeks of school i was so upset. i would love this so much, there is nothing Presley that my mom and i dont love. lisa marie sounds like her dad and it makes me so happy to listen to her. man oh man this would be amazing!!!

I would love to visit Graceland again. I was so lucky to have had the chance to visit for the 25th anniversary before my back surgery. The pain was bad but I loved knowing I was where he once lived. knowing I walked the places he walked the airplane was unbelivable knowing he rode it. The trip was awesome beyond words. We had to cut the trip short because of my pain in my back and when we returned home my Father-in Law had passed away and then just 2 days later my Grandmother in Law passed away. I WOULD SO LOVE TO VISIT GRACELAND again . Before I was unable to visit Sun Studio or go to Tupleo or any of athe other places. I would so much love to visit all the sights. Huge Elvis lover and will always be. Best of luck to ever wins and have a safe trip...


I'm a fan of Elvis and would love to see Graceland.

i grew up listening to elvis i can listen to his music everyday vwright indpls

Yes! Last time we were with a tour to Graceland, and they only allowed us about half as long as needed to tour this--so NEED to go again!

He's the next best thing to JESUS!

Every time I walk in to the Las Vegas Hilton - I think of Elvis doing so, too!

Elvis is the most singer in the history of the world ! I am a big fan of the KING OF ROCK! I want this super trip! Is the dream of my live!

I am a Elvis Fan. Alway wanted to see Graceland. I am a two year breast cancer survivor. That would be a great way for me to celebrate. That sure would turn things around for me. I have been down for the last two years. Now I want to start having some fun again.

Who isn't an Elvis fan. My husband for the last 35 years has woke up to Elvis every morning. I have tapastrys hanging on the walls, plates every where, pillows on the bed as well as the bed spread. I guess I'm classified as a fan.

I am a fan of Sony,Siruis and Elvis.I would love to go to Graceland this is like a life long dream.Hopefully one that will come true.Elvis was the King anfd always will be.

Only if you live in the USA though Sad

I have been an Elvis fan all my Life you all heard the stories bought the records yes lps, 45's watched the movies over and over again My favorite is Blue Hawaii in fact my wedding song was the Hawaiian Wedding song from the movie. While i was in Junior High School a girl knew I love Elvis so bad she had 3 tickets to see him at the nassau Colisium I was not a close friend of hers but she asked me would I like to buy a ticket from her to see him in person I said oh my god yes the seats were in row 28 on the floor and I missed going up to the stage by 1 row but I didn't care I got to see him sing in person. Then my next time would have been the year he died my boyfriend(who later became my husband) stood in line for hours in the rain to buy 2 tickets for us I was
so excited when he came home and gave me them. When i heard the news of his death that morning I cried my eyes out my room was filled with pictures and posters of him i called my boyfriend and said we are not going to the concert he said are you kidding I stood in line for hours I said its not that I don't want to go Elvis died he was in shock as I was. My husband and I are not together anymore but every Sept 9th I play the wedding song sung by Elvis and all his cds are in my car. I have always wanted to go to Memphis to visit his grave but have not been able too its one thing I have on my Bucket List lol. So if I do win I would be thrilled beyond words.

When I was 13 yrs old, I got to see Elvis in concert...he was straight off the Ed Sullivan show. Wow, what a night. We screamed and screamed, and I am surprised we could talk the next day.

I bought all of his 45 records and as many albums as I could afford. Once I even bought my mom an Elvis album for her birthday...she was not all that impressed, but I was!

In 1970 I saw Elvis in Las Vegas. He was sooo handsome and put on a really great show. I will never forget that show.

Two and a half months before he died, aprox. I saw him in concert in Tempe Ariz. He had put on a lot of weight and didn't dance anymore, but he still could wow a crowd. I loved every show I got to see, and feel that getting to see GraceLand would really make it complete!

When i was growing up I loved elvis songs & movie. I would watch and listen to them all the time. The one time that I actually was able to get tickets which would have been his last show - Elvis passed before I got the opportunity to see his show live. I was very much dissapointed. Since now I am on a fixed budget I could not afford to buy tickets to Graceland. Would love to win tickets just as everyone is a well.

My Experience growing up with Elvis was mom listening to his tunes on the old turntable and dancing around the living room. Ever since then I go to Elvis Conventions, Concerts where local tribute artists are honoring him with his music. In 2007 mom passed away at 91 she had me at 42 years old. For her funeral service I hired or should I say asked if someone I know, that is local Tribute to Elvis performer if he would attend her funeral and do Love Me Tender accapella by himself as they ended the service and the men carried her out of the funeral home into the hearse. This is the year we had planned to go to Graceland 2007 together as she had been one year to the candle light service of Elvis passing with my niece. Mom said it was moving like something she had never experienced before. My mom was and will always be my guardian angel. It was her wish to take us there. It just never was enough time as her moments slipped away with the type of liver cancer she had. To all LOVE ME TENDER


While watching a movie on TV when I was a little girl, I asked my mom "who is THAT?" She said" Honey, that's Elvis. You two share the same birthday". Wow! I thought. Sharing the same birthday as Elvis made me feel so special. I've been a fan ever since.

My nickname & stage name is: Leopard Elvis. Yes, I sing & play Elvis songs on a leopard painted guitar.

January 8, 2011
Elvis 75th
My 50th

I can't think of anywhere or anything more wonderful than celebrating my 50th @ Graceland with my husband! Do hope I win since we can't afford the trip otherwise, however; I will be thrilled with whomever wins and wish them a magically awesome time!

Cheers & good luck everyone!

I been a elvis fan hole my life, i grow upp whit rock and roll music and elvis was best.
I was visiting elvis 2005 on my 50 birhtday and want to go there again whit my new gf so she can se all i talk about and olso me once more see this beutifull place and olso go se if my name is still on wall there. I am in a elvis fanclub here in sweden and we talk and listen to elvis music and what he doing in life,it is to sad he go away to quckly but we never know when it is time for us to pas away
so i realy hope i can se graceland and go whit my new famely there and look around

I have been a fan of Elvis since i was 3 yrs old. I am now 58. I have my grandkids listening to him also. I seen Elvis in person in '75 in orlando fl. Great show! I have been to the manison several times n cried at his grave site. He is truly missed! I would love to go back again and bring my granddaughter w/me so she can see how he lived n the history behind him. Everyone take care n God bless.

I was in an organization called rainbow girls when I was in High School. They had a convention in Arkansaw. On the way to Arkansaw we stopped at Graceland in the late 1980's. I loved all Elvis's sequenced costumes and variety of motorcycles. Would love to see what the place looks like today and reminisce.

I have always been a huge fan through jr high to high school and here I am 51 years old and I still am a bid fan, Listening to his music and dancing along with his movies. I have a friend from Highschool wiich was about 34 years ago who has always made plans and , friends always backed out on her at the last minute I would love to surprise her and take her to fufill her dream. I may not have much time left to do this for her and it means alot for me too. I am a person living with HIV and due to my medications and hospital bills....well saving is hard, We still cry on the annivesary of your death, yes I am talking to Elvis the king himself, cuz for me he is still here and when i go up to the pearly gates he will sing me through with my favorite song "Girl Happy and Viva Las Vegas" my favorite movies and songs. Someone please help me and my friend Liz win this trip, so we don't have to hitchhike there. Thats what we said we would do,,,don't matter even if I am sick, She wants to go and I'll do what I have to to get her there, this will not be the 4th time someone lets her down.
Thank you Sirius for doing this and more importantly...thankyou ELVIS
God Bless ya'll
Roger F. Solar
(210) 849-2210


I remember growing up and listening to Elvis every chance I could. When my dad was driving and an Elvis song came on the radio I would always ask him to turn it up. My dad's birthday was January 9 and I always thought it was so special that his birthday was so close to Elvis's. My Mom did not want myself and my 2 sisters watching the Ed Sullivan show when Elvis was on it but my Dad allowed us to watch it. I will never forget seeing Elvis for the first time on television. I watched his movies over and over. I spent some time in Hawaii in the early 70's and was not able to go to the concert Elvis did there. My family still gives my anything Elvis for birthday and christmas gifts. My Mom has not had an easy life. My Dad had a car accident that left him totally disabled and my Mom worked several jobs to keep us going. My Mom will be 78 this year and is still working!! I would love to be able to win a trip to Graceland and bring my Mom with me. I saw a rainbow early this morning and made a wish. I hope my wish comes true. Signed, Spring Hill, FL

Hello, I am Kay from Fl.
Would love to go to Elvis week never have been able.
Elvis is my absolute favorite vocalist always has been always will be.
my hubby calls him my boyfriend.( jokingly of course)
as on the 21 of June is our 40 th anniversary.
maybe if the good Lord willing we will be able to go.
This would be a great gift if we were to win this contest as i never win anything

Hi, I'm from Italy, Elvis is the favourite artist of my life. I sing his song with my guitar to my daughter Marta, she 's ten year old. "I have a dream" ...visit Graceland with she.
W Elvis forever

I have Loved Elvis since I was 8 years old in 1955. I would run home after school to listen to the Radio and the most beatiful voice I had ever heard. We needed Elvis.. Everything was so boreing, back then. When I saw his picture in a teen mag at the store , I was instantly in love Body and soul. Then came Love Me Tender and OMG!!!! What a man. He was gorgeous all his life. I will Love him until I die.

I would Love to spend a few days in Elvis' Memphis and to walk where he has walked and see what he has seen,and love some of the things he loved, Would be so amazing. I would charish the memories until the day I die. That would be so cool.

I was just 7 years old when Elvis died and my dad said I cried for 2 days. My first album was Elvis Separate Ways. My mother gave me the tickets of when she went to Elvis's concert in Duluth, MN in 1976 because she said she would've taken me but she said I was too small to go. I have now shared my Elvis with my daughter Jessi whom if we could afford it this year we wanted to go to Graceland. We have never been on a vacation before so this would be a mother/daughter miracle for Elvis fans for life. We would love to be considered for this experience of our lives. Thank you, Brigitte

NOT FAIR, contest should be open to everyone. Not just US.

I went to Graceland about 4 years before Elvis died and I was not impressed with the way the house and grounds were kept.

It would be nice to go back and see if anything has changed.

He was, is and will always be my idol.

Moe Bullock
Port Hope, Canada.

I would love for my husband and myself to go. ( We never go anywhere!) But I would love to win this so my parents to go. They always made sure growing up we went on a vacation every summer. They didn't want us to go to Myrtle Beach SC ( because everyone from SC goes there) They would always take us to a new state every year. I would love to give them this!

Elvis was the only performer who had such an impact on my life that I cried when I heard of his death. I remember I was driving home from work when the announcement came. His death was a devastating loss to the world. What great memories I have now of his music and his life.

This would be the chance of a lifetime. I remember growing up with Elvis music, I remember my dad imitating Elvis. My dad passed away last july and this would be a great way to honor my dad's love for Elvis and his music. I wolud do this for the memory of my dad who admired Elvis.

I remember what I was doing the day I heard Elvis had passed away. I was 16 and had just returned home from the job I had for that summer. I was sitting down to eat by myself because the rest of my family had already eaten. I turned the radio on and the radio announcer came on and told of the death of Elvis I was so shaken I ran downstairs to the rec room to tell my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters of which their was 8 of us. They didnt believe me they laughed at which I promptly burst into tears and told them again and to please come up to the kitchen to listen. My dad turned the tv station to the news and we were all very upset to hear the news repeated on the tv. I may have only been 16 but my family and I spent many saturdays watching Elvis movies, and we had all watched what ever of his shows were shown via satalite. I would love the chance to go to graceland and see his home and the birth of the Elvis Presley leagacy. What a wonderful experience that would be!!!!

We love Elvis. Never been to Graceland. Would love to go

We have been to Graceland 8 times since 2001 & we love it.
I am 68 & my wife is 65 but we still dance RocknRoll especially when we are in Memphis.
Long live the memories of Elvis.


My dad is a big Elvis fan,talks about going back to see Graceland again,would love to go see it myself.

Elvis and I share the same birthday just 25 years apart. The only way my godmother remembered my birthday is it was the same as Elvis!

I always wanted to visit Memphis and see where Elvis lived.

This would be a trip of a life time. I have 82 of his albums.

I was lucky enough to win the trip to the 30th of his death. This would be beyond cool to win this one to Elvis week for his 75th!! What a great prize!!

this would be a great trip

I want to win! Would love this trip.

I would LOVE THIS!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck all! Beth

I keep trying to enter this contest. I would love to go so bad. I cant find how to enter. It keeps sending me to links to buy things. So frustrating john et2nite@aol.com

How cool....I haven't had that many vacations in my life but I would love to win this. Thanks....

Hi, I'm from Italy.
I love Elvis, my daughter loves Elvis, all my family loves the big King of Rock'n'Roll!!!
I would love to give this dream to my daughter, going to Memphis together.